Nope, not a misspelled word...just an attempt to highlight the SISterhood that inspired this branch of Femina.  You've likely noticed by now that a big part of what we do is networking with intention.  We believe our lives our better when they are shaped by a diverse community of women who are interested in sharing knowledge, gifts, assistance, skills, and hope. 

The infrastructure of Femina is a web that connects women and provides access to learning, support, knowledge, resources, and a leg up.  Femina's Sistem will be a mentoring program, where more and less experienced women can partner, share their talents, and help each other to learn and grow using the kind of mothering strategies that Femina celebrates:  nurturing, supporting, educating, encouraging, teaching, strengthening.  Compared to our LTD (please check out that tab!), Sistem is a bit more structured and organized.  We envision connecting women who have more time and energy to help other women in a more "sistematic" way.  The language, here, is intentionally vague.  What is "more time?"  What do we mean by "sistematic/systematic?"  You decide.  We want to offer this up as a connecting site, but not control or define it too much.  The resource will include women who can mentor, women seeking mentees, and areas of expertise.  The rest is up to you!