Friday, March 6, 2020

Doors Open 5:30 PM / Ware Center 


Visual Art Exhibit in the Regitz Gallery

Vendors featuring local women owned businesses 

5:30-8:30 vendor tables open

6:30-7:30 performance Song/Dance/Spoken Word 

Performance + Gallery Show


Both the Performance + Gallery Show will showcase women artists from all genres, who will offer their personal interpretations of the dynamic, nurturing “Mother” energy, destigmatizing the concept of motherhood by conveying the reality that, along with raising families, women raise everything—from communities to consciousness.   

Open and Free to Public


*The curated gallery show featuring The Tablecloth Project will be up for the month of March. If you are interested in contributing to future events please use the contact form on our website.

Stage Performers

In order of appearance Manushi Tanna, Rita Clarke, Julia Jordan Kamanda, Holly Andrew and Sena Taskapilioglu, Advocates of Native Nations | Circle Legacy | Spirit Wing including Hannah Jacobs-Keller and Elena Glaudin representing the Lumber Nation; Barbara Christy, the Seneca Nation; Carolyn Rittenhouse, the Lakota Sioux Nation; and MaryAnn Robins, the Onondaga Nation, Rubi Nicholas, Rachel Anderson-Rabern and Atticus Rabern, PAAVA Performers including Gerri McCritty, Marion “Co-Co” Coleman, and Tyrell Teetos Hoff.  


Exhibiting Artists

In alphabetical order Attufat Akbar, Salina Almanzar, Liliana Arias, Rose Carlson, Alicia Martin Girvin-Potter, Nicole Gochnaur, Susan J. Gottleib, Gail Gray, Gretta James, Leigh Lindsay, Gerri McCritty, Sarah Noble, Elm Miller Timms, Libby Modern, Anita Pilkerton Plumb, Virginia Quinones Ettelman, Jenny Schulder Brant, Mimi Shapiro, Loryn Spanger-Jones, Orla Story, Daksha Tanna, Emily Truman, Jennifer VonStein.

The Tablecloth Project Contributing Artists

Salina Almanzar, Janell Almodovar, Domestic Violence Services program participants from the Safe House and Bridge House organized by Angela Keen, Jill Good, Schirlyn Kamara and Handz on Hope Community, Natalie Lascek, Heidi Leitzke, Gerri McCritty, Jeanne Martin and CWS Sewing Circle, Yarlin Rosario, Laura Roberts, Mary Schroeder, Debbie Serdy, Sarah Shirk, Sarah Ulrich, and Christa Wissler.



Tara Lynn Hoffmaster and Lori Stahl


CWS Lancaster | Matt Johnson | 717-381-2890 | |

Creative Small Business Solutions | Claire Taylor | 717-342-4027 |

Domestic Violence Services | Angela Keen | 717-299-9677 | |

Handwork House | Sarah Ulrich | 717-391-8216 | |

Herd of Hope Horse Rescue | Aileen Stevens | 610-299-6802| 

Herbs from the Labyrinth, LLC | Sarah Preston | 717-290-1517| |

Lancaster Farmacy | Elisabeth Weaver | 717-799-7420| | 

Laurie Somma | | | 

My Herbal Apothecary | Heidi Benard | 717-468-6600| | 

Salone Rising | Julia Kamanda | 626-780-8143| | 

Artist Elm Miller Timms | 717-575-3386

The Mix at Arbor Place | Marisol Santos | 717-393-1523| |