Femina envisions a world in which women are valued, respected, and compensated fairly for the work we do.


We are a network of diverse women.  We celebrate our differences and find power in our shared understanding of what unites us as women.  We are businesswomen, workers, academics, caregivers, laborers, artists, health professionals, mothers. We employ work strategies that are creative and revolutionary; they are distinguished by their reliance on qualities typically associated with women—nurturing, loving, caring, supportive, relational, and strong.  We reject the marginalization of our gender in our homes, in our places of work, and in our communities. Femina facilitates connectivity and supports women being well in the world as it is, while (re)creating a world that is healthier for us and for our families. We seek to change our community and its institutions through authentic action that reflects who we are as women.

We evolve and grow in response to what we learn from our community and ourselves.  "What do you do?" is a fair question.  And right now, we are connecting women, building our network, and getting ready for our big, inaugural event:  OtherMother (see Events tab & please come!).  But we are planning much more...and we'll fill in the tabs and add tabs as we are able.  Please visit Contacts to find our emails.  We'd love to hear from you.  

Illustration by: Alicia M Girvin Potter